About Me

I'm Charlotte, 22 and from the UK!

I’m a fan of all things beauty related and over the past few years this has evolved into my bedroom being packed full with plenty of storage containers & Muji boxes to house them all!

A few random facts......
I love glittery nail polish but hate taking it off!
I'm too scared to wear contact lenses, even though I desperately want to.
I want to dye my hair bright red – one day I'll take the plunge!
I like charity shopping a little too much – nothing beats a bargain treasure hunt.

The Beauty Lane
I see exploring new beauty products as a never-ending road of discovery – hence the name, ‘The Beauty Lane.’

This blog is a little outlet to talk about beauty products along with the odd post about jewellery, vintage & lifestyle thrown in for good measure!

I started this blog a while ago but I’m hoping to post more from now on! 

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