Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Vendula Cat Evening Clutch Bag

Vendula bags are always a top choice for me when I'm looking for something new and a little different. They are renowned for their cute and vintagesque appeal (much like the handbag I reviewed here) but I've recently noticed a much more varied choice on their website. They have a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes and Vendula London always have unique bags to suit a huge range of tastes which heightens their overall appeal.

One of the bags that stood out to me was the Vendula Cat Evening Clutch Bag. Being a cat and a velvet lover, it really caught my attention. This clutch is part of the After Dark collection which is a range of four velvet evening clutch bags which are all designed to be show-stopping beauties to catch everyone's eye when you're enjoying a night out! Each bag in the range is £60 which I consider more than reasonable for the visible effort and love that has been put into creating them! What many people may not realise is that Vendula don't mass produce their bags but instead they are each individually handcrafted and manufactured by themselves. For me, this adds an even deeper admiration for this brand. It gives a more handmade touch to each one and means every bag will presumably be ever so slightly different and contain its own quirks. Therefore, the way I like to see it is that I have my own individual bag that no one else has!

When I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised that the clutch bag arrived in a dust bag. Sometimes through buying online you miss the face to face buying experience and therefore the extra touches that brands add to their products really stand out to me. The handbag is velvety soft to the touch and is hard cased, making it durable to knocks and scrapes. There is a cat face on both sides of the handbag and the colours of gold and green are beautifully offset by the black background. For such a seemingly simple design on paper, this bag lives up to my expectations and more as it is so pretty and visually appealing!

Vendula is one of those brands where you just know that quality is the key component to each of their designs. In fact, they scream quality like no other brand that can be regarded as similar in terms of brand reach. If you buy a Vendula handbag you know the item that will be delivered will be that little bit special which is what they pride themselves on. Vendula blend the need for affordable fashion with experimental and quirky designs so well and I really commend them for not compromising any components or the creative flair of their handbags to the detriment of their loyal customers. This is because, in my opinion - once you've bought a Vendula bag - many brands struggle to even compete!

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Do you own any beautiful Vendula bags?

Charlotte xo

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