Saturday, 11 July 2015

Is coconut oil a miracle beauty product?

I'm definitely not one to fall into the hype of a product without lots of investigation. Fair enough, it isn't incredibly expensive and you get a lot for your money but I didn't want a huge tub of oil that I couldn't find any use for! There are a lot of claims that people make regarding coconut oil, including that it promotes eyelash growth to being a great component for a homemade toothpaste. It's apparently a wonder product for pretty much anything you can imagine, so is it everything it lives up to?

To see for myself I bought a 500ml tub with my Birchbox points for £9.99 made by Vita Coco. As you can see by the reviews it has lots of fans! When it arrived, I realised just how huge this tub was. As I wanted to leave it in the bathroom, it was a bit of a pain to use as I was afraid of dropping it so I definitely suggest transferring some into a smaller tub and storing the rest. Dependant on the temperature, the oil would either be incredibly solid, a mushy texture or a completely clear liquid.

In my opinion, the thickest texture was the best as I could scoop as much out as I wanted and it would slowly melt - so I could use it easily. Admittedly, I haven't yet used it for everything possible but I've had mixed results with what I have.

Moisturising hands
I wash my hands quite a lot so they always tend to be dry, especially in the winter and summer months with the change in weather! Therefore, I use a range of creams to try and achieve a quick fix which has varying success rates. While using coconut oil I tried to be a bit more consistent with my usage. I mixed the coconut oil with my ultimate cream - Eumocream and it created the dual dream moisturisation product which I've continued using since.

As a make-up remover
This felt quite awful. Oily skin is a no-no for me and I do everything to avoid it so applying this to my face - albeit for a short time wasn't my favourite experience. However, it definitely removed my make-up well. In fact, it removed my eye make-up especially much better than I expected as I find Benefit Roller lash can be quite difficult to take off.

As a hair mask
Just like my face, I hate having oily hair! I kept telling myself that the results would be worth it and they most definitely were. I used it overnight and put a towel over my pillowcase which is an absolute must to prevent oil transfer on to your bedding. After washing it off, my hair felt smoother and looked silkier. 

Coconut oil has numerous positives which I cannot ignore but I had one main issue with it which caused a bit of a problem! As you can imagine, we don't tend to pour oil down our drains from our kitchens as we know the issues it can cause but I didn't think twice about washing of the oil from my hair, hands and face and letting that go down the plug.

It was fine to begin with but after a while our shower plug was overflowing quickly but I didn't take much notice and just presumed it was hair clogging it. It was only when my family mentioned the sink was getting dirty quickly I realised the issue. The coconut oil was solidifying and blocking inside the pipes as well as sticking to the sink for good measure. Therefore, if you are going to try it don't make the same mistake as me and only wipe it off and put it straight in the bin.

Finally, I realised how much I hate feeling greasy so this product probably wasn't my best choice! I'm definitely going to continue using it as a moisturiser for my hands and possibly explore other uses but I wouldn't say it's a go to product for everything as I presumed but this is purely down to personal preference.

Do you have any views on coconut oil as a beauty product?

Charlotte xo


  1. I love using coconut oil as a hair mask it absolutely saved my hair! xxxxx

    1. It really helped my hair too! It's great for a shiny boost :) x

  2. Coconut oil does alot for naturalistas especially the refined ones ♥

    Nique ||

    1. It definitely has its benefits in many ways! x

  3. I loove using this as a hair mask! I had the same problem with the sink too but thankfully my mum told me the second time i was about to pour it down again xx

    1. It really is a wonderful product but it's definitely going nowhere near my sink again! :) x


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