Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Gamer Boyfriend Gift Ideas

My boyfriend has recently celebrated his 23rd birthday and even though he isn't the most difficult person to buy for (this title will always be held by my dad!), I still find it a long process to find items he'll love. He's a complete gamer at heart; from old school Nintendo to Mario Kart, Monster Hunter and everything in-between, he's either got it or is getting it and that's the problem! I know for a fact if it's out already he's bought it and if it's out soon it's on pre-order. If by some type of divine intervention he doesn't have a game for example, he most likely won't want to wait until his birthday to receive it as the temptation of playing it before is just too much to bear. So, I've had to become resourceful! Here are a few ideas of things I've already bought and future ideas too.

Display cases, stands or cabinets.
As every partner of a gamer knows, they LOVE to show off their collection to anyone that will take the slightest bit of interest. What's a better way to show off than having all of your items on show? My boyfriend's new obsession is amiibos. This is unfortunate as there seems to be only about 10 available in the UK at one given time and the resale prices are obviously extortionate. If I've heard about how precious Little Mac, Shulk and Charizard are again I might scream and as no amount of searching can find these for an acceptable price - I've resorted to helping my boyfriend have at the very least, acceptable presentation for those he already has.

I had a little online search and there are quite a few different display ideas, I suppose it just depends on personal preference. Ikea shelving is perfect for game and DVD storage and most likely your partner will put it in some sort of order only they will understand - their own gamer code! I found a few great examples on ebay and Etsy too.

Subscription Box
Us girls have beauty boxes, such as Glossybox and Birchbox to fawn over so I thought they must have this idea for gamers. I did a search and expected maybe 1 or 2 subscription companies. Oh my, was I wrong! There are 10's if not hundreds of them *sob* - how was I meant to know which one to choose? I'd suggest having a look at Loot Crate, My Geek Box (UK based), Marvel Collector Corps and Nerd Block.

I eventually chose the Arcade Block from Nerd Block as the promise of something Zelda related in the next box (this was a few months ago) sold it to me, along with decent reviews. The prices vary and most are American based so they'll take longer to arrive each month but you can sign up to 1 month to trial and cancel it if you wish!

Bedding/ Home Accessories
Going along with the theme of things that I like - I explored gamer homeware as an option. Again, a million options are available. Bedding, cushions, photos - you name it, it's probably out there.

DON'T BUY BOXSETS. This is just my personal opinion of course but if you want a fail-safe, fall back option year after year - this is key. If you buy the full boxset of Dragonballz or South Park, you're stuck. Think about next year, you'll be even more lost for ideas. Just buy one at a time to add to their collection and to proudly present on their shelf. Of course, Amazon probably have the best deals and the longer you wait, the cheaper (hopefully) they'll get!

Magazine Subscription
Maybe your partner is more of a reader. It might get you some brownie points if you get a subscription to PlayStation or GamesMaster. (other ideas here) Even if they aren't particularly interested in having the physical copy, digital subscriptions are also available!

T-shirts & Clothing
I can't begin to tell you how many t-shirts I've bought my boyfriend over the years. One of the first was adorned with - 'I went outside once. The graphics weren't that good.' HA! As soon as that was a hit, I knew I'd be on to a winner. Asda especially have a good selection and they are obviously affordable too!

Gamer Cake
Everyone loves cake. I can't bake AT ALL but maybe you can? There's some amazing ideas for geeky confectionary online so have a search!

Okay, to me this is a last resort but if you know your boyfriend is verging on impossible to buy for, get a voucher for Nintendo, Game, HMV or Amazon. Not particularly thoughtful but I'm sure you'll get no complaints.

Above all, the best present (or so I've been told) is to take an interest in this gaming malarkey. Remember, it's a way of life not a hobby (or so I've been told.) Look up if those amiibos are back in stock, have a sneaky look on IGN or My Nintendo News. Nothing will make you look better than casually dropping into conversation if they've seen that there is new The Witcher 3 downloadable content.

I hope there are some ideas here you can use or I've at least given you some inspiration. Good luck!

Have you got any ideas for a gamer partner?

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