Thursday, 4 June 2015

Vendula Tea Room Box Bag & Purse

On a recent holiday to Italy, I fell in love with this bag and purse! They are made by Vendula who I had absolutely no knowledge of beforehand but have since explored and found beautiful items on their website. It's designed to be like a tea room, with a cat and dog enjoying the delicious delights it has to offer!

The bag was outside a leather shop and I was drawn to it right away! Even though the shop owner said it was leather and I've since found out it's faux, it's still a beautiful bag! Believing the bag was indeed what he said it was, I ended up paying over the odds and being incredibly annoyed at myself when I looked it up online when I came home! I just wish I would have paid more attention but the whole shop smelt of leather and I had no reason to doubt him, so I was unfortunately completely duped.

The purse has the same design as the bag and is incredibly intricate and pretty! I especially love the little touches and attention to detail Vendula have put into this. I love the 'dish washer needed. Apply within' sign on the teapot on the back of the purse and the continuation of the bunting theme. I'm a huge vintage fan so you can see why this appeals so strongly to me.

This purse was classed as a medium sized wallet and has lots of room for cards and money. I much prefer a larger purse like this as I feel the items inside are safer than in a coin purse - so this is another benefit in my eyes. 

I chose the box bag which includes a strap as I preferred the shape to the grab bag on offer. The stitching on the bag is perfect and just like the purse, the detail is very well done. I've searched for bags like this in the past and the only other scenes and designs I've liked are by Radley and Braccialini. Both are much more expensive and even though they are leather, these bags are a beautiful alternative!

The bag retails at £65 and the purse is £25 and I definitely think they are a fair price for the extent of the intricacy and the cute factor they bring!

Have you heard of Vendula and have you ever paid over the odds on holiday?

Charlotte xo


  1. Amazing post dear!

  2. Hi Charlotte,

    I really enjoy reading you blog so I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    Let me know if you take part - I'd love to read it!

    Emily xo

    1. Thank you so much Emily! That's lovely of you :) I'll definitely take part and let you know when I do! x

  3. Oh my god, I'm in love! They're both absolutely gorgeous, and so cute!

    I've got a new post about my nail routine, if you're interested :)
    Hannah x

    1. They are super cute! I'll have a look now :) x

  4. Just stalking your blog this is th cutest it's actually adorable! Xxx


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