Monday, 25 May 2015

Nails Inc Limited Edition Box: All Boxed Up

I'm a huge fan of a good beauty box so when I come across one that appears like excellent value, excitement gets the best of me and I'll most likely buy it. I'm finding now that I'm edging towards buying the limited edition selections as oppose to the random monthly options. I find it's much better to know what you're actually getting and exactly how much you're saving instead of having to work out how much your 5ml samples are worth and adding it all up!

On a beauty box search I came across All Boxed Up. I'd never heard of this company before and after an extensive search there was limited feedback about it. I read from a reputable source that even though they aren't particularly good at responding to emails and it's hit and miss if you get confirmation of when you'll receive your box, they always end up delivering. So, I took the chance and placed an order for 3 different boxes, including this Nails inc. box. I was a little bit worried when I opened it, as in the T&C's it states they can change a product that's meant to be included if it's not available but I wasn't disappointed.

For £15 + £4.99 P&P I uncovered this beautiful package! It includes 5 full size polishes and a Nails inc. nail file.

The box includes Nails inc. gel effect in 3 shades - St James, Hyde Park Place and Uptown. St James - RRP £15 is a pillar box red shade and it's highly pigmented! Hyde Park Place - RRP £14 is described as a soft grey shade. I'd liken the shade to cement and it's a nice addition to my collection. Uptown - RRP £15 is meant to be a dusky pink shade but to me it's darker than this - more of a light brown.

These polishes offer a gel effect finish without having to waste time at the nail salon or use a UV lamp and all have a high shine finish. They use plasticiser technology and a plumping agent to prevent imperfections.

These two are in the old shaped bottles but actually contain more polish - bonus! The first is Electric Lane Holographic Topcoat - this shaped bottle is RRP £12 but the new bottle is £15. This is a little beauty! Holographic it definitely is and all of the small particles sparkle and shine in an array of colours. This would be gorgeous over every nail polish shade you can think of!

Next, a Caviar Basecoat - RRP £12 - again the new shaped bottle is £15. This contains caviar extract and is a light pink shade. To top of this bundle a Nails Inc. nail file was included too - RRP £6.

From left to right these are swatches of St James, Hyde Park Place, Uptown, Caviar Basecoat & Electric Lane Holographic Topcoat.

So this box has a RRP of £74 for £19.99. A complete steal in my book!

Have you heard of All Boxed Up?

Charlotte xo


  1. What a lovely set of shades! I especially love the grey and nude pink!
    Rachel Coco

  2. I haven't come across all boxed up before!
    I love the St James shade!!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. I'd definitely have a look to see if you find a box you like! I think that's my favourite too :) x


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