Thursday, 14 May 2015

Boozi Body Care Refreshing English Fizz

Just before Christmas last year I went to 'The Clothes Show' in Birmingham and came across a company I'd never heard of before - Boozi Body Care.

They were selling goody bags of their products in a variety of cocktail inspired fragrances. I've since bought quite a few of their body washes as the scent is divine but on the day the Refreshing English Fizz was my favourite!
 Boozi Body English Fizz hand cream, body cream and body wash

 The hand cream is smooth and easily sinks into the skin. I leave this on my hands overnight with cotton gloves and in the morning they are lovely and soft! The body wash is one of a few that I can say lingers on your skin for hours afterwards which I find is incredibly rare. 

The range covers body creams, body washes and bath foam. Along with products for hands, lips and bath and body oil, which is coming soon. Other scents include Cheeky Woo Woo, Creamy Coconut Daiquiri and Tropical Pina Colada to name but a few. However, what I'm excited to see is a range of body mists in four scents which I'll definitely be trying soon.

Prices from left to right (L-R) £3.55, £7.95, £6.50
I'm so happy I discovered Boozi Body care at 'The Clothes Show' and this was definitely my favourite purchase of the day. I just hope Refreshing English Fizz will never disappear from their website as it offers something completely unique to an otherwise saturated and sometimes repetitive body care market. If you want to have a look to see if there is anything that takes your fancy, here is their website

Have you tried any of the Boozi Body Care range?

Charlotte xo


  1. I have literally just been trying to convince my wife to buy some stuff from the Boozi range for *cough* herself....(so I can try them). Will point her in the direction of your post. Stephen :o)

    1. It's an amazing range! The scents are divine! x


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