Saturday, 29 March 2014

Stila Elegant Emerald Lip Glaze

Stila is a brand I've heard a lot about so I went on a mission to find a lipgloss that would suit me best! I found a lipglaze trio with neutral colours for £12 on Beauty Bay so I thought I'd give these a try.

They arrived in this lovely set and up close the colours looked divine! They all have a pink hue and sparkle and are easy to use in a click pen container.
The applicator brush was lovely and soft and it didn't take long for the glaze to come through after twisting the pen which I've found some lip glosses do! The lip glaze is quite sticky on application but the neutral tones looked subtle on and lasted for a few hours with general wear before reapplying.

In my opinion, the 'Kaleidoscope' lip glaze is the nicest as it contains the most glitter and is the most neutral of the trio so would look great over lipsticks too - making it super versatile! The only downside is that they only contain 1.5ml of lip gloss so I doubt they would last very long if they were used daily!

Are there any other Stila lip glazes you'd suggest?

Charlotte xo


  1. lovely review, I've never tried any of their lip glazes as I've just never been attracted to them - but I think I'll have a play around with Apricot in Boots the next time I'm out!

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

    1. Thank you! I'd definitely suggest giving them a try :)


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