Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Kuoni - Scents of Adventure Competition ☀

When I think about the Maldives; the sound of the ocean gently cascading on the shore with grains of sand crunching between my toes & the warmth of the sun on my skin quickly springs to mind. A perfect paradise!

For one lucky person, this vision could become a reality with the luxurious, tailor made holidays operator Kuoni! They are looking for a signature scent for the Maldives and if you are chosen as the winner you'll be jetting off for a dream Maldivian getaway!

Photo credit to Kuoni.
Thinking of a signature scent is a little more difficult than I first thought as there are lots of divine Maldivian floral, spicy and fruity fragrances that spring to mind. In particular, many fruits and flowers appeal to my senses the most so I had to consider this carefully!

Who doesn't dream of lying on a sunlounger with coconut and banana trees dotted across the sandy beach? How about the beautiful ornamental frangipani plants lightly fragrancing the air as they sway and dance in the breeze? These were key in my mind as a scent but....

In my opinion, the one fragrance that kept popping into my mind to represent the Maldives was the humble mango! Aromatic, fresh and fruity.

Mangoes are used for chilled soups, teas, curries, fruit juices and cocktails or even pickled and are loved by the locals and tourists for their unique, juicy flavour!

These are seasonal in the Maldives so they are even more special when they are available!

The smooth texture is reminiscent of the golden sands that encapsulate the beauty of the Maldives. The ripe, vivid yellow colour represents the vibrance of the Maldives and the flavours are fragrant and like no other mango worldwide - just like the exclusivity of the Maldives!

To me, a mango really represents that tropical feel and zest of the Maldives. Mangoes leave a sweet taste long after they are eaten; just like the memories that will last forever after visiting this destination!

Photo credit to Kuoni showing the Maafushivaru island resort.
Mangoes are a delicious, tropical treat on these islands and I believe this memorable fruit represents the one of a kind beauty of the Maldives to a tee with their distinct aroma!

Check out the competition here, explore their Maldives page and find Kuoni on Twitter here!

What would be your Maldivian #ScentsofAdventure signature scent?

Charlotte xo

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