Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Vendula Cat Evening Clutch Bag

Vendula bags are always a top choice for me when I'm looking for something new and a little different. They are renowned for their cute and vintagesque appeal (much like the handbag I reviewed here) but I've recently noticed a much more varied choice on their website. They have a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes and Vendula London always have unique bags to suit a huge range of tastes which heightens their overall appeal.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Born Pretty Store: Fluorescent lip glosses & a coupon code!

When it comes to cheaper online make-up stores, it's hard to know where to start or what to buy as their websites can sometimes be overwhelming. Born Pretty Store offer something a little different as their website is easy to navigate and contains clear photographs so you can fully see the products and their effects. I'd heard of Born Pretty Store before but haven't ever bought any products from there. As I was browsing I was amazed at the range of products they sell! From nail brushes to eyeshadow and everything in-between, there is something for everyone. They also sell jewellery and clothing too.

After much deliberation I decided upon two lipglosses. These Mixiu lipglosses come in a range of 12 shades that each appear to be incredibly bright and are described as being 'fluorescent'. I thought these would be great for a flash of colour as the weather gets colder and I eventually chose shades 03 and 04! As the items are shipped from Hong Kong, I wasn't expecting them particularly soon but they arrived in just over 2 weeks which I thought was very reasonable! Therefore, if you order do make sure you don't want the items urgently as depending upon where you live they could take up to 45 days to arrive.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Which primer is best for your skin type and budget?

I love a good primer! Nothing beats the feeling of your make-up sitting perfectly on your face and lasting for hours. A decent primer will do all this and more. For me, primer is a huge part of my make-up applying routine and it's amazing how many different types there are out there! So much so, it can sometimes be a bit confusing which is best for you. As there are lots of primers around, the prices range dramatically. So, is it worth spending that little bit more? I've compared a few of my favourites with very different price points and benefits to see which is best for your skin type and price point! 

In the spotlight are: Benefit - that gal, Makeup Revolution - Ultra Face Base Primer, Laura Mercier - Foundation Primer, Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, GOSH prime'n set primer & mattifying setting powder, MAC prep + prime skin base visage, Wild about Beauty - Botanical Skin Prep Serum and finally, Benefit - POREfessional.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Gamer Boyfriend Gift Ideas

My boyfriend has recently celebrated his 23rd birthday and even though he isn't the most difficult person to buy for (this title will always be held by my dad!), I still find it a long process to find items he'll love. He's a complete gamer at heart; from old school Nintendo to Mario Kart, Monster Hunter and everything in-between, he's either got it or is getting it and that's the problem! I know for a fact if it's out already he's bought it and if it's out soon it's on pre-order. If by some type of divine intervention he doesn't have a game for example, he most likely won't want to wait until his birthday to receive it as the temptation of playing it before is just too much to bear. So, I've had to become resourceful! Here are a few ideas of things I've already bought and future ideas too.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Is coconut oil a miracle beauty product?

I'm definitely not one to fall into the hype of a product without lots of investigation. Fair enough, it isn't incredibly expensive and you get a lot for your money but I didn't want a huge tub of oil that I couldn't find any use for! There are a lot of claims that people make regarding coconut oil, including that it promotes eyelash growth to being a great component for a homemade toothpaste. It's apparently a wonder product for pretty much anything you can imagine, so is it everything it lives up to?

To see for myself I bought a 500ml tub with my Birchbox points for £9.99 made by Vita Coco. As you can see by the reviews it has lots of fans! When it arrived, I realised just how huge this tub was. As I wanted to leave it in the bathroom, it was a bit of a pain to use as I was afraid of dropping it so I definitely suggest transferring some into a smaller tub and storing the rest. Dependant on the temperature, the oil would either be incredibly solid, a mushy texture or a completely clear liquid.

Friday, 26 June 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

This is a new one for me as I'm fairly new to the bloggersphere and a bit clueless when it comes to awards and things of that nature! So, when I was nominated by the lovely Emily and Leonni (who I'd like to say a huge thank you too) for The Versatile Blogger Award, I had to have a little search about what this was all about.

It's apparently an award we can pass on to each other to acknowledge the blogs we like as a way of showing appreciation for them & their blogs! Therefore, this was definitely an opportunity I didn't want to miss as there are a lot of blogs I read and love!

Monday, 22 June 2015

1001 Remedies: Soin Millenaire & Treasure Oil

1001 Remedies combine rare essential oils which are carefully chosen for their healing properties.  The combinations create unique synergies and they use optimised concentrations to neutralise side effects. They use what they see as 'star ingredients' that are pure and natural and carefully selected from around the world, such as Myrrh - a natural anti-inflammatory and Neroli to fight anxiety and stress.